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PREVIEW of Rita Smith’s Latest Work, INTRODUCING Illustrator Lauren Murphy-Larsen

11th Dimension Press is hard at work editing, laying out, and otherwise preparing Rita Smith’s next book, a collection of the articles she wrote for her community newspaper tentatively titled Rita Writes.

Rita’s second title from 11DP will not only feature a collection of her wonderful anecdotes, it will also feature illustrations by Lauren Murphy-Larsen.


Based out of Southern Ontario, Canada, Lauren is a newcomer to the illustration business.  She is a self-taught artist and excited about the opportunity to work with Rita.  Employing a caricature style, Lauren has been working hard to capture the quirkiness and eccentricities of Rita’s characters while preserving all the love and affection with which Rita writes about them.  We here at 11DP are very eager to see the final product come together!

You can get to know Lauren and her work by checking out her social media accounts:

In the mean time here is…



A recent judge’s ruling stated a child’s best interests were not at risk when she and her mother relocated, although the grandparents would not have access to her.  I wonder if the judge is a grandparent, had grandparents or ever was a parent.  Anyone experiencing the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, knows that the ruling would be detrimental to both the child and the grandparents.  Yes, there are often special circumstances but as far as I could determine, this was not the case.  Instead, it was another child caught in the middle of a divorce.  I do not wish to deliberate the judge’s action but merely want to tell my story of the bond my grandchildren and I share.  I cannot conceive of ever being denied access to them.

In my opinion, grandchildren are our reward for surviving their parents.  What innocence, honesty and unconditional love grandchildren have; well, there are some conditions such as candies, cookies and other treats being in stock at Nana’s.

Children really do say the darnedest things.  On a rerun of Art Linkletter’s old show, Art asked a little boy if he knew how to make wishes come true,  “Yes” he replied, “I just tell my grandma.”

During a long car ride, while discussing a friend’s problems, our grandchildren wanted to know everything. Finally, their frustrated mother said “never mind, it’s a long story” and without a blink, Emily said “well this is a long trip.”

Emily was so attached to us that she called us mommy and daddy and her parents aunt and uncle.  We loved it.  Her parents got a chuckle too but one day her sister pointed to their parents and said “that’s your mom and dad” to which Emily replied “well, I changed my mind.”

Once, during a family dinner, we told them that we gave their parents (our children) $100.00 each year if they didn’t smoke.  We said we would do the same for them.  They thought it started right away but we told them it was after age 16.  One granddaughter thought about that for a while then said “well since you probably won’t be here, could we have the money now?”  She really didn’t’t realize the implication of that.

When I complain that I am fat or old, Keisha immediately disagrees.  I love it! I love it!  One day while thumbing through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue (my daughter’s – not mine),  I pointed out what could only be called a string bikini.  Jokingly, I asked how she thought I would look in it.  Without hesitation she told me I would look beautiful.  She thought for a moment and added, “Papa would like you in it.”   I said I would look more like an overstuffed laundry bag tied with string but she said “it would be a nice bag.”  You gotta love ‘em.

Andrea who loves to draw, gave me a hand painted eggshell which I treasure more than I would any Faberge egg.  Keisha’s handmade spotted plaster tiger has pride of place in my house and means more to me than any Royal Doulton ever would.  My frig is covered with paintings all lovingly done which no Monet or Renoir could ever replace.

Every summer we go to the Port Dalhousie Carousel.  The grandchildren think we are millionaires because at 5 cents a ride, we let them stay on for as long as they want although we get dizzy watching and waving as they go round and round and round.  We picnic with (Nana’s treats) at Happy Rolph’s where they feed the animals.  We loved the Port Weller sandpile but sadly it is gone. Even we were young again as we climbed to the top and rolled down to the bottom with them.  They love trips in the back of Papa’s old pick up truck.  I pass on that one because they like rough rides and I don’t.  However, they pick me up on the way to the ice cream shop.

photo (1)

They dress up in my clothes and shoes, bang on the piano, put on Las Vegas type shows while we enthusiastically applaud them (which only encourages them).  We don’t mind.  We know they will be going home VERY soon and in two minutes we will have tidied up and have peace and quiet again.

I count myself blessed to have grandchildren and I cherish every minute we spend together.  All too soon they grow up and have places to go and things to do.   However, I know the times we share and the memories we build will live with them forever.  How do I know that? because my grandmother left me with wonderful memories.



February 2015

Dynamic Publishing Project = Opportunities for Indie-Authors, Indie-Artists, and Indie-Musicians

11th Dimension Press’s Rock is Not Dead project seeks to blend the written word with 2D graphics and sweet vibrations

Ontario, Canada, 11th Dimension Press—a relatively new independent publishing concern based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada—are looking for short stories inspired by ‘Rock’ music to be included in their forthcoming anthology that seeks to prove Rock is Not Dead. The plan for the Rock Is Not Dead (#RIND) project is to build a multi-dimensional multi-media project that engages artists of all kinds, authors, graphic artists, and musicians.  The anthology will include a series of written-word short stories; a series of graphic-based, or comic, short stories; and a soundtrack including all the songs that inspired the short stories.
11th Dimension Press plans to produce and distribute the final product of the #RIND project in multiple formats and a variety of packages including:

  • A beautifully bound print edition,
  • Kindle and iBook editions,
  • A set including the print edition and the soundtrack on CD,
  • An amazing limited edition box set including a special print edition paired with a vinyl edition of the soundtrack!

11th Dimension Press has already received and accepted submissions that will be included in the project. Anyone interested in making a submission to the #RIND project should visit:

Or contact the editor:

The new extended deadline for story submissions is…

April 1, 2015

Musicians and bands are encouraged to contact the press right away…


About 11th Dimension Press

Based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, 11th Dimension Press inspired by the Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza (who originally conceived of a universe of more than 4 dimensions) to champion new and exciting artists who may not be able to access traditional publishing channels. To date, 11D Press has released 7 titles including D.J. Murphy’s YA Sci-Fi adventure Morgan’s DReAM, Rita Smith’s wholesome romance Two Tears, and Chilly Tales: Comics From the Canadian Undertundra, an anthology by PlierPants.

For more information and all the latest news from 11th Dimension Press please visit


#RIND ROCKS: The First of Many Talented Contributors…

11th Dimension Press is honoured to announce the first few contributors to our ROCK IS NOT DEAD anthology project:

Sierra Skye Gemma

Sierra Skye Gemma is an award-winning writer and journalist.  She was long-listed in House of Anansi’s Broken Social Scene Story Contest and short-listed in Room’s 2014 Fiction Contest and she has won literary contests sponsored by The New Quarterly and Rhubarb.  In 2013, Sierra won the National Magazine Award for Best New Magazine Writer.  Sierra’s creative non-fiction has also appeared in The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Observer, WestCoast Families, Fringe Magazine, Plenitude, Nineteen Questions, and in the Best Canadian Essays 2013 anthology.  A feature on pornography is forthcoming in The Globe and Mail.  Currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, she also works as an Executive Editor for PRISM international.

Derek Evernden

Derek Evernden is a Toronto-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer.  In advertising he has worked with a variety of brands including LoyaltyOne, AIR MILES, airmilesshops, Workopolis, American Express, SHELL, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bank of Montreal and Dell Canada in both online and print.  As an Illustrator he has provided art for several books including the children’s series Minnie is Worried, and the political critique Saving General Washington.  A love of traditional media and art history informs Derek’s work at every turn but of paramount importance is a healthy reverence for the idea.  To take a musical analogy: if you play a popular song solely on guitar does it still move you?  No amount of production can save a bad concept, and a great idea can stand alone.

Sierra and Derek bring immense talent to the #RIND project, but they are just two of the amazing contributors who have already been chosen to participate in this dynamic project.

A Dynamic and Collaborative Project…

The #RIND project engages artists in all sorts of media from around the world to create more than just a book, it will be a feast for all your senses (except taste, it likely won’t taste good).  For a full explanation of the #RIND project, please check out some of our recent posts:

We’ll review drafts any time (see here), but the deadline to submit your completed story for consideration is (of course, if you have something great, we will wait):

March 1st 2015

April 1st 2015


We can’t wait to enjoy your submission!

LEGAL STUFF: Only ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED work will be considered! Contributors will be asked to refrain from publishing pieces that appear in the anthology for a term of 1 year after which time the contributor will retain all creative rights.  All participants in the project will enjoy an equal share of the profits generated from the work through online and conventional retail channels. Other terms and conditions may apply.