by Rita Smith
Tears of Joy by Rita Smith continues Fiona’s journey through life after returning home from the cruise where she bonded with June. They swore to keep in touch, but oftentimes that never happens.

Now that Fiona is back home and feeling better about herself and her life without Bob, she still struggles with the decision to tell their children about Bob’s deathbed confession. Adding to this dilemma, is yet another secret she discovered while clearing out Bob’s possessions. When will it end? What to do? Should she tell the children now or bare the burden alone forever?

Amongst all this news is word from June that she’s planning a trip to Canada. Fiona is over the moon, but the excitement is short lived. Fiona is devastated when, out of the blue, June cancels her visit and cuts off all contact with her former travel companion. Eventually, sanity prevails when June changes her mind again, rebooks her trip, and sets her mind to clear things up with Fiona.

What unfolds is a story of two strangers discovering how similar their lives are, how they both loved and lost, how they were both fooled by the same man and how they ended up becoming best friends, a friendship so beautiful it would last forever.

Details of June’s visit to Canada and Fiona’s subsequent trip back to Glasgow for the first time capture the beauty of both countries while their friendship continues to grow during their travel throughout Scotland and Canada. Tears of Joy is a heartwarming continuation of Fiona’s story of strength in a life full of ups and downs, friendship, love, loss, family and steadfast determination to cope with it all.

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#RockIsNotDead cover
It began with a quip by Kiss Superstar, Gene Simmons. In an interview with Esquire magazine (September 4, 2014), the Kiss bassist not only proclaimed the death of Rock n’ Roll, he accused certain people, certain practices, and certain technologies of bringing about its untimely death by eroding its business foundations and murdering Rock n’ Roll. Simmons laments the death of, “an entire industry to help the next Beatles, Stones, Prince, Hendrix, to prop them up and support them every step of the way” at the hands of file sharing, the Internet, and an entire generation who embrace them. So, Rock n’ Roll, says Simmons, is dead.

Well Simmons might be a bass guitar hero, but his star, like his memory, is faded. After all, the Beatles, the Stones, and Prince all found the Rock n’ Roll industry so supportive they created their own record labels to escape the control of the very people that were supposed to be supporting them. It would seem that the Rock n’ Roll Gene Simmons was talking about never really existed. It would seem that he’s really not talking about Rock n’ Roll at all, he’s talking about a business model.

Rock n’ Roll is not a business model. Rock n’ Roll is an attitude, a paradigm; it’s a philosophy that, as you are about to see, is very much alive. The cabal of artists who have conspired to put together this celebration of Rock music and the Rock ideology have done so with one goal in mind: to prove that Rock is Not Dead!

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by Timothy A. Newman
Welcome to Gardenview….

Dead and Buried by Tim Newman takes its reader down seven different roads following seven different stories set in the same small-town in Ontario. All of the stories are connected by a single eery thread.

A teenaged bully dares himself to enter a haunted house, where he comes face to face with his own mortality, among other things. A two-hundred year old hanging tree with a long and notorius history for the people and animals that have, and will, swing from its branches. A murder-suicide in which the evidence is not what it appears to be. A sixteen year old young man who, at no fault of his own, becomes a judge, jury, and executioner. An affluent neighbourhood where monsters lurk in the deceivingly quiet streets. From blood on the tracks, to death in the street, a homeless man with a troubled mind wanders through a rural community stunned by the murder of their children. Finally, a traveling salesman, with a green thumb, wanders into Gardenview in the early part of the twentieth century reluctantly spends the rest of his life here.

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by Jason C. Robinson
Reason & Religion edited by Jason C. Robinson is a collection of some of the most historically important texts and questions in the philosophy of religion. Each chapter begins with a critical introduction that provides context to the readings and their authors. Incorporating classical as well as contemporary discussions, this is a big-questions book that examines ongoing debates such as the existence or nonexistence of God, human experience of the divine, the nature of religious language, evil and suffering, religious existentialism, and the role and nature of reason in religion.

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by Darryl J. Murphy
Gateway to Philosophy edited by Darryl J. Murphy is targeted to the first-time or casual reader of philosophy. It offers selections from some of the most influential texts in the Western Philosophical tradition. These selections have been chosen because (a) they express the core ideas of the texts and (b) because they are reasonably easy to read.

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by Brian C. Merritt
Jack Brandon’s War is a fictional mémoire of two generations’ struggle to survive the Second World War and to come to grips with the war’s impact on their lives. JACK BRANDON’S WAR follows the parallel stories of Jack, an eight-year-old boy growing up in the small industrial town of Birkenhead, England during the Second World War and his father Tom, a ship’s engineer in Britain’s Merchant Navy. Both face terrible loss. Both grapple with mental and physical trauma and both find themselves fighting the war on fronts that are seldom explored in literature. Tom is away at sea when war descends on his family, residents of urban England. In fact, Tom returns home oblivious to the tragedy that struck his family only days before his ship, the merchant vessel S.S. Griffon, reached port. There’s a lot of work to be done, bodies, souls, and families to be mended before Tom is, once again, called to duty aboard the Griffon. When separated again both Tom and his son Jack are confronted by the war. Their struggles threaten to keep them apart forever, their only hope for survival and reunion lies in the kindness of their neighbours and the spirit inside them.

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by Rita Smith
Rita Writes by Rita Smith and illustrated by Lauren Murphy-Larsen.

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curated by PlierPants
CHILLY TALES is a collection of work from thirty of Canada’s finest comic artists and writers. Curated by the Shuster Award winning PlierPants (Matt Daley and Cory McCallum), CHILLY TALES brings together some of the amazing work being done in and around the fringes of the Canadian comics scene.

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by Rita Smith
Two Tears by Rita Smith is a fictitious story of love and friendship wrapped up in the personal history of its author. It’s a journey through history and, at the same time, it’s a journey through a diverse landscape of emotions and foreign lands.

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Chameleons Crystal Cover
by D.J. Murphy
Sam is back and she’s more determined than ever to rescue her father. An obscure clue left to her by her fallen mentor convinces Samantha that she’s not alone on the hunt to find her father, James McTaggart. That can mean only one thing: Sam’s dad is in more danger than ever before. Unfortunately, before Sam can follow the enigmatic clue on a journey into the past, she must complete the Browner’s final task and graduate to the third rank among The Fellowship of Travellers, the rank of Chameleon. Lured into the roaring twenties on the eve of a deadly tornado, Sam encounters a mysterious man who not only seems bent on Sam’s destruction, he seems to be stalking her. The man, it turns out, is the infamous Chameleon, a rogue time traveller reputed for his ability to blend into any culture in any historical period. The Chameleon is there when Sam returns to her home in Dovercrest, he’s there when Sam meets the ruthless Emperor Chin Shih Huang of China, and The Chameleon is there in ancient Arabia when Sam meets Farah, a Bedouin girl with the gift of prophecy. It’s an ancient mystery and a race through time. Driven by her love and longing for her father, Sam won’t rest until she finds her dad and possess the Chameleon’s Crystal.

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edited by D.J. Murphy
The Theoretical Foundations of Ethics, Law, & Civil Society provides students who are not necessarily inclined to study philosophy an accessible and concise anthology of texts drawn from some of the most important and influential works on the subject of ethics generally conceived. The practical purpose of the book is to provide sufficient theoretical material to support a diverse practical and applied ethics curriculum. Accordingly, this book does not provide a comprehensive collection of texts. Rather, it provides just enough theoretical material to support sufficiently theoretical explorations of a variety of very practical ethical concerns. This book is directed at students of business, medicine, research, law, practitioners of every sort. In short this book is directed at students who are not philosophers by trade or by choice, yet who encounter genuinely philosophical and ethical challenges every day in their professional practice.Purchase it here from it here from it here from Barnes & Noble.Purchase it here from BookDepository.
by W. Robin Young
Self-Defence for Paramedics And Other Health Care Professionals by W. R. Young is a real one-of-a-kind gem that offers practical instruction in self-defence specifically geared towards situations faced by emergency medical professionals.From the book cover:

This book is aimed primarily at Emergency Medical Service (EMS) paramedics but will also be valuable to other on-scene emergency responders such as fire fighters and crisis workers. Nurses, doctors, orderlies and security personnel in a hospital or clinic setting can also use this information. While this book can not cover every aspect of personal self-defence, the goal is to give you skills to add to your toolbox of training and work experience. The overall message of the book is simply to stay safe.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Self-Defence and Canadian Law
  • Chapter 2: Weapons at the Scene
  • Chapter 3: Factors that Lead to Violence in Patients
  • Chapter 4: Attack Behaviours
  • Chapter 5: Principles of Paramedic Self-Defence
  • Chapter 6: Techniques of EMS Personal Protection

Self-Defence for Paramedics And Other Health Care Professionals can be found on here, here, here, and you can find this title at your favourite book retailer.

by J.D. Pine-Coffin
Pine-Coffin contrasts current popular movements in the so-called developing world to those in North America and the UK. From labour movements in central Europe and South America to the various Occupy movements around the world, from student strikes in Greece to student strikes activism in Canada, Pine-Coffin illustrates with subtlety, incite, and sarcasm an astonishing disparity between the ideologies supporting each movement. Pine-Coffin’s controversial thesis argues that the insidious consumer culture of the so-called developed world has stifled the intellectual depth of its popular movements and that, in contrast, the sophistication and intellectual depth of popular movements in the developing world are far more innovative and theoretically sound.
The cover art for D.J. Murphy's debut novel, Morgan's DReAM...

The cover art for D.J. Murphy’s debut novel, Morgan’s DReAM…

by D.J. Murphy

Sam was just six years old when she witnessed the mysterious terrifying event that shaped her life: the kidnapping of her father, James McTaggart, at the hands of a colossal pale man Sam calls The Ghost. The only thing that remains of James McTaggart is the pocket watch he gave Sam moments before he was taken.”That watch has a secret.” He said to her. “And you have to keep it safe for me.” And then, Sam’s Dad was gone.Six years pass before part of that secret is revealed. Strange circumstances lead Sam to an apparently chance meeting with Professor Clarence Sedgwick, a close friend of Sam’s father. According to Sedgwick, he and Sam’s father are members of a secret society of benevolent time travellers called “The Fellowship of Travellers.” Sedgwick has been sent by the Fellowship to protect Sam from a band of renegade time travellers known as “The Fatemakers.”It was the Fatemakers who kidnapped Sam’s father and, as punishment for his interference with their malevolent plans, abandoned him somewhere in the past.Morgan’s DReAM follows Sam as she is initiated into the Fellowship of Travellers and, with Sedgwick’s help, follows clues to her father’s when (and where) abouts.Purchase it here from Amazon.Purchase it here from Barnes & Noble.