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11th Dimension Press is looking for help in their efforts to prove ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

11th Dimension Press, Thorold, Ontario, kicked off its first ever crowd funding campaign to support their multi-dimensional multi-media ROCK IS NOT DEAD project. The project engages artists of all kinds, authors, graphic artists, and musicians in the creation of an anthology of short stories, both narrative and graphic, inspired by great rock songs. The project also involves the creation of a soundtrack, the songs that inspired the short stories recorded by independent recording artists.

The final products of the ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project will be produced in multiple formats and a variety of packages including:

  • A beautifully bound softcover print edition,
  • Kindle and iBook editions,
  • A set including the softcover print edition and the soundtrack on CD,
  • An amazing limited edition box set including a special hardcover print edition paired with the soundtrack on CD!

The project brings together dozens of creative people including:

  • Bear Lion Knife Fight, band
  • Paul Bradford, artist
  • Dino Caruso, artist
  • Amy Denio, musician
  • Terence James Eeles, author
  • Christopher Evans, author
  • Derek Evernden, artist
  • Noel Franklin, artist
  • Sierra Skye Gemma, author
  • Grenouer, band
  • Stephen Gunn, musician
  • J. Hernandez, artist
  • Heather Hobma, author
  • Wm Brian MacLean, artist
  • Larry N. Mayer, author
  • Moe, band
  • J. Murphy, author
  • Pant City, band
  • The Skeltones Four, band
  • Matthew Walsh, author
  • Kathleen Yearwood, musician

11th Dimension Press is looking for to offset the cost of the mechanical licensing required for the soundtrack and to ensure that the contributors receive a base level of compensation for their work.


Major cograts going out to CoryMcCallum and Matt Daley for their win this Saturday of the Gene Day award for their self-published comic book The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case.


You can read all about the Gene Day award and the Shuster Awards in general here.  Again, congratulations Cory and Matt.

Don’t forget…Cory and Matt are editing 11D Press’s first anthology of comics.  Check out the call for submissions here.  We’re really excited to see how this project takes shape!