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#RockIsNotDead: Musical Lineup & Album Cover Art

Only 13 days remain in the countdown to the Rock Is Not Dead release…

The Total Transparency Sale Continues

There’s still time to order the CD and the Vinyl package at the best prices going!

The Musical Lineup

Here it is, the long-awaited list of the extremely talented musicians contributing to the Rock Is Not Dead project and the songs they’re covering:

  • Amy Denio – Throwing Muses’ “Not Too Soon”
  • The Skeltones – The Beatles’ “Please, Please Me”
  • Lewis Trover – Tuxedomoon’s “Desire”
  • Code Monkey – Jay Hawkin’s “I Put A Spell On You”
  • Ugly Brides – Ministry’s “Just One Fix”
  • Stewart Gunn – Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”
  • David Vukovich – The Clash’s “Death Or Glory”
  • Grenouer – “Universe Of My Heaven” a brand new original track!
  • Kandy Face – Radiohead’s “Just”
  • Kathleen Yearwood – Janice Joplin’s “Cry Baby”
  • Pant City – AC/DC’s “TNT”
  • The Claviclettes – The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
  • True Vulgarians – The Rolling Stones’ “Winter”

The Album Artwork

Last but not least, for all those who are curious, here is the artwork that will appear on the cover of both the CD and Vinyl pressings of the Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack:


Crowd Funding ≠ Money for Nothing!

Hey all…We are more than halfway towards our first crowd funding milestone and 11th Dimension Press wants to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and remind everyone else that we are NOT looking for free money!  Think of it as an advance purchase…

To give everyone an idea of what you can purchase in advance of the ROCK IS NOT DEAD releases we’ve worked up a few mock images.  Keep in mind the real thing is likely to look different, but for the time being, here’s what you can get if you support our ongoing crowd funding campaign:


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover)

That’s not all…


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD)

Of course, there’s more…


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD) & The Rock Is Not Dead T-Shirt (the Derek Evernden design)

We can do even better than that!


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD) & The Rock Is Not Dead T-Shirt (the Derek Evernden design) & The Rock Is Not Dead Embroidered Toque & The Rock Is Not Dead Mouse Pad

We hope you agree, that’s a lot of cool stuff!
So check out the campaign and we hope you get excited about the ROCK IS NOT DEAD project as we are!

What is the ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) Project

Its been a long time since the original call for submissions went out explaining the vision of 11D Press’ ROCK IS NOT DEAD project.  Digging up that post requires some serious cyber archeology so, just so everyone knows what the heck we’re talking about here is a reintroduction to the project…

Introducing The ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) Project

The ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project is a multi-dimensional multi-media project that engages artists of all kinds, authors, graphic artists, and musicians in one mega publishing project.  11th Dimension Press has recruited a team of talented people to create an anthology of written-word and graphic short stories inspired by rock songs and a soundtrack that includes all the songs that inspired the short stories recorded by independent recording artists.

The final products of the ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project will be produced in multiple formats and a variety of packages including:

·  A beautifully bound softcover print edition,

·  Kindle and iBook editions,

·  A set including the softcover print edition and the soundtrack on CD,

·  An amazing limited edition box set including a special hardcover print edition paired with the soundtrack on CD!

11th Dimension Press is committed to making the ROCK IS NOT DEAD project a got-paid-to-play project and not another pay-to-play project.  For this reason we’re raising $5,000 to ensure that all the creative people involved in the project are compensated properly: approximately $500 (12%) of our target will go towards paying proper royalties to the original authors of the songs that inspired our contributors.  Every additional penny will be divided evenly amongst our contributors.

From its inception, The ROCK IS NOT DEAD project was conceived and setup as a profit share endeavor.  All the profits from retail sales of the project will be shared out with every contributor receiving an equal share.  With your help the ROCK IS NOT DEAD will be profitable faster and our hardworking and talented contributors will be compensated no matter how many copies are sold.

What a line-up!

The stories are written, the artwork is done, and (almost) all the music has been recorded.  11th Dimension Press is honoured to be hosting such a talented line-up of artists:

·  Bear Lion Knife Fight, band

·  Paul Bradford, artist

·  Dino Caruso, author

·  Amy Denio, musician

·  Terence James Eeles, author

·  Christopher Evans, author

·  Derek Evernden, artist

·  Jelena Đorđević-Maksimović, artist

·  Noel Franklin, artist

·  Sierra Skye Gemma, author

·  Grenouer, band

·  Stewart Gunn, musician

·  JJ Hernandez, author

·  Heather Hobma, author

·  Wm Brian MacLean, artist

·  Larry N. Mayer, author

·  Moe, band

·  D. J. Murphy, author

·  Braden Poirier, artist

·  Pant City, band

·  The Skeltones Four, band

·  Matthew Walsh, author

·  Kathleen Yearwood, musician

A bit about us…

Based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, 11th Dimension Press is inspired by the Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza (who originally conceived of a universe of more than 4 dimensions) to champion new and exciting artists who may not be able to access traditional publishing channels.

To date, we have released 9 titles including two installments of D.J. Murphy’s YA Sci-Fi series Samantha McTaggart and the Fellowship of Travellers, Rita Smith’s wholesome romance Two Tears, and Chilly Tales: Comics From the Canadian Undertundra, a comic anthology curated by PlierPants.


Are you ready?

ROCK IS NOT DEAD is slated to be online and in stores summer 2016.