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Whoa, oh, oh, sweet child o’ mine…#RIND is taking shape, don’t be left out!

We’ve already started accepting stories that will be included in our forthcoming ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project!  Will your story be one of them?  Send us your short story or graphic short story (completed or in draft, see here) inspired by a rock song and together we can prove ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

You might think of it this way: is there a song that makes you think of a particular story line whenever you hear it?  Write/draw that story!  Is there a rock song that would make the perfect background music to a story you’ve written/drawn?  Send us that story!  What if Hollywood turned one of your stories into a movie, what would be the theme song?  Send us that story!  Give us that song!

You can choose any song you like so long as it might be considered a rock song!

Your submission can be long or short, but we do want a complete story (beginning, middle, and end, with a clear narrative progression).

Any genre is fine!  Realism, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, our criteria is simple: we just want a good story!


A note for Writers…

We’re especially interested in conventional short stories to balance off the graphic short stories we’ve received.  We’re looking for short stories no more than 6000 words with a strong narrative.


A note for Graphic artists…

The pages will be laid out on pages 7″ by 10″.

Black and white images are fine but ROCK IS NOT DEAD will be our first project printed in colour.    So, if there be blood, let us see it in red; if your character has eyes that sparkle like emeralds, let the green show through.


A note for Bands…

We’re already recruiting bands to record the RIND soundtrack.  If you’re interested in participating in this innovative project, check here.


For a full explanation of the #RIND project, please check out some of our recent posts:

We’ll review drafts any time (see here), but the deadline to submit your completed story for consideration is:

March 1st 2015

April 1st 2015


We can’t wait to enjoy your submission!

LEGAL STUFF: Only ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED work will be considered! Contributors will be asked to refrain from publishing pieces that appear in the anthology for a term of 1 year after which time the contributor will retain all creative rights.  All participants in the project will enjoy an equal share of the profits generated from the work through online and conventional retail channels. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Kickstart My Heart…Announcing a Draft Review Process for the #RIND Project

Response to our ROCK IS NOT DEAD project continues to pour in and our potential contributors are telling us they simply can’t wait until late March or April to find out if their piece will be included in the anthology.  We here at 11D Press also understand the immense time and energy it takes to bring a project from concept to finished product.  So, in response to mounting demand and in consultation with a few of our potential contributors 11D Press has decided to move forward with a draft review…

The draft review process will allow potential contributors to submit partially complete versions of their submissions and receive either an early a commitment to publish the work in the forthcoming anthology, feedback aimed at moving the submission towards publication, or a polite thank you for your efforts.  Here’s how it works:


Text-based Short-Stories

Authors of text-based short-stories are asked to submit the following:

  • a complete copy of the statement of intent,
  • a complete outline of the story detailing the whole arc of the story (beginning, middle, and end), and
  • a minimum 500 word polished sample of the text.

Send your submission via email to


Graphic-based Short-Stories

Artists of graphic-based short-stories are asked to submit the following:

  • a complete copy of the statement of intent,
  • a complete outline of the story detailing the whole arc of the story (beginning, middle, and end), and
  • a minimum of 2 full-colour completed panels (7″ x 10″ pages).

Send your submission via email to


Statement Concerning Judgment Criteria

The editors’ vision of the #RIND project is not to have one artist or author compete against the other!  It’s our intention to include every submission offering a compelling narrative and, in the case of graphic-based stories, compelling graphics.  Aside from these two qualities, it is advised that authors/artists review and proofread their submissions thoroughly.


We will accept draft submissions right away and we hope to provide responses within 2 weeks of submission.  We’re very excited to review your submissions!





…the singer’s going to sing a song…

Okay.  So the time has come, 11th Dimension Press is ready to start recruiting bands to participate in our ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project.

In case you haven’t heard, the #RIND project is…


a Hybrid Project!

#RIND is a multi-dimensional project that will include a series of text-based short stories, as well as a series of graphic-based short stories all inspired by rock songs.

The final product will be distributed in multiple formats and a variety of packages:

  • The short stories will be sold together in a beautifully bound print edition,
  • They will be sold together in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • They will also be sold individually in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • The Anthology and the Soundtrack will be sold as a set that will include the print edition and the soundtrack on CD,
  • Each story and the song that inspired them will be made available for download in mini-sets, and
  • Finally, the anthology and the soundtrack will be available in an amazing limited edition box set including a special print edition of the short stories paired with vinyl edition of the soundtrack!

This is sure to be one amazing project so don’t be left out!



11D Press anticipates recruiting 20+ bands to record cover songs and (in some cases) original music for the #RIND soundtrack.  The list of songs that will be included on the soundtrack has not yet been finalized so bands will be chosen based on their interpretation of two songs, bands are asked to make demo recordings of 2 of the following songs:

THESE ARE NOT SONGS CHOSEN FOR THE SOUNDTRACK!  There is no advantage to choosing one of these songs over another.  In fact, bands are free to substitute an a cover song of their own choosing or original songs for one of the above.

Musicians/Bands are asked to upload their recordings to a DropBox account then send the links to the files to  Include in your email a brief bio of the band and links to all your social media accounts.  If the band or musician is collaborating with a specific author or artists, be sure to indicate the name or names of the authors/artists.

The deadline for submissions is:

March 1st 2015

April 1st 2015

That said, the sooner we here at the 11D Press hears your recordings, the sooner we can include you in the #RIND project!