GRENOUER is a alternative metal band based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their elaborate blend of metal and alternative rock, combined with intense and cathartic live performances, has earned them a devoted fanbase and great critical acclaim. Over the years, GRENOUER‘s sound has evolved from sharp dissonant extreme-metal to an alternative-metal sound that fuses a melodic lyrical sound with solid hard-edged metal backings. GRENOUER has a sound all their own, their recent influences include DARK NEW DAY and the now-defunked Finnish band SUBURBAN TRIBE.

GRENOUER’s earliest releases combined driving beats with relentless riffs. Their more recent work found them experimenting with a more melodic lyrical sound that retains their hard-edged metal backing. On their latest full-length release BLOOD ON THE FACE (Mausoleum Records) stands at the intersection of metal and melodious alternative rock. It’s the product of an international team including producer Anssi Kippo (Astia Studio, Finland); the dysFUNCTION duo Giuseppe Bassi, aka DUALIZED, and Eddy Cavazza who mixed the tracks; and Engineer Mika Jussila who mastered the album at Finnvox Studio in Helsinki.

BLOOD ON THE FACE, GRENOUER‘s seventh full-length album, was released worldwide in the summer of 2013. They’re currently making appearances at music festivals and working on their eighth full-length album slated for release in 2015.

GRENOUER‘s current line up includes:

Andrey Ind: vocals
Alexander Motor: guitars
Al Bolo: bass
Danny D: drums

11th Dimension Media is eager to add your name to this list!


11th Dimension Media is eager to add your name to this list!