#RIND CONTRIBUTOR: Introducing J.J. Hernandez and Jelena Djordjevic

11th Dimension Press is lucky to have so many amazing artist contributing to the forthcoming ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project including…

J.J. Hernandez


JJ Hernandez is an comic book writer and artist. JJ has published short fiction in the 2014 comic anthology Twisted Christmas, published by It’s Like that Studios and the third issue of the web magazine Crab Fat. He is also the illustrator and co-plotter of the webcomic ReWrite which you can read at rewritecomic.tumblr.com You can also check out his portfolio at jj422.deviantart.com and on facebook.

Jelena Djordjevic


Comic book artist and illustrator from Serbia. Co-creator of recently published comic book series The Pros.

11th Dimension Press—a relatively new independent publishing concern based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada—is getting ready to release an anthology of short stories inspired by ‘Rock’ music.  The plan for the Rock Is Not Dead (#RIND) project is to build a multi-dimensional multi-media project that engages artists of all kinds, authors, graphic artists, and musicians.  The anthology will include a series of written-word short stories; a series of graphic-based, or comic, short stories; and a soundtrack including all the songs that inspired the short stories.