#RockIsNotDead: is finally here!

Its been two years in the making but 11th Dimension Press’ multi-media publishing project extraordinaire is finally here!

Rock Is Not Dead: Short Fiction Inspired by Rock Music

It began with a quip by Kiss Superstar, Gene Simmons. In an interview with Esquire magazine (September 4, 2014), the Kiss bassist not only proclaimed the death of Rock n’ Roll, he accused certain people, certain practices, and certain technologies of bringing about its untimely death by eroding its business foundations and murdering Rock n’ Roll. Simmons laments the death of, “an entire industry to help the next Beatles, Stones, Prince, Hendrix, to prop them up and support them every step of the way” at the hands of file sharing, the Internet, and an entire generation who embrace them. So, Rock n’ Roll, says Simmons, is dead.

Well Simmons might be a bass guitar hero, but his star, like his memory, is faded. After all, the Beatles, the Stones, and Prince all found the Rock n’ Roll industry so supportive they created their own record labels to escape the control of the very people that were supposed to be supporting them. It would seem that the Rock n’ Roll Gene Simmons was talking about never really existed. It would seem that he’s really not talking about Rock n’ Roll at all, he’s talking about a business model.

Rock n’ Roll is not a business model. Rock n’ Roll is an attitude, a paradigm; it’s a philosophy that, as you are about to see, is very much alive. The cabal of artists who have conspired to put together this celebration of Rock music and the Rock ideology have done so with one goal in mind: to prove that Rock is Not Dead!

#RockIsNotDead cover

The project includes an anthology containing six short works of prose by six amazingly talented up-and-coming  authors, seven graphic stories by seven awesome artists and artist teams all of which were inspired by rock songs.  The also includes a soundtrack including the thirteen songs that inspired the stories: twelve cover songs recorded by twelve incredible independent musicians and bands as well as one never-before0released original track from the Russian metal sensation Grenouer!

The Preview

Here is just a small sample of what you’ll find in the anthology/compilation:

Story Title Author(s)/Artis(s) Preview Inspired by… Originally by… Recorded by… Sample
Not Too Soon Noel Franklin and Mark Campos Preview Not Too Soon Throwing Muses: Tanya Donelly Amy Denio
Solar Night: A Creation Myth Larry N. Mayer Preview Please, Please Me The Beatles: John Lennon and Paul McCartney The Skeltones
Desire Michael Norwitz and Julian Taveras Preview Desire Tuxedomoon: Steven Brown, Peter Dachert, Blaine L. Reininger, and Winston Tong Highline
A Good Club Sierra Skye Gemma Preview I Put A Spell on You Jay Hawkins Code Monkey
Never Trust a Junkie Wm Brian MacLean Preview Just One Fix Ministry: Michael Balch, Paul Barker, Allen Jourgensen, and Bill Rieflin Ugly Brides
Sissy Chris Evans Preview Hounds Of Love Kate Bush Stewart Gunn
Death Or Glory Paul Bradford and Matt Olson Preview Death Or Glory The Clash: Topper Headon, Michael Jones, John Mellor, and Paul Simonon David Vukovich
All These Wars are Over Heather Hobma Preview Universe of my Heaven Grenouer
Last Rites JJ Hernandez and Jelena Djordjevic Preview Just Radiohead: Colin Greenwood, Jonathan Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Philip Selway, and Thom Yorke Kandy Face
Snowstorm Matthew Walsh Preview Cry Baby Norman Meade and Bert Russell Kathleen Yearwood
Night Prowler Derek Evernden and Gillian Williamson Preview TNT AC/DC: Angus McKinnon Young, Ronald Belford Scott and Malcolm Mitchell Young Pant City
Feastival Terry Eeles Preview I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles: John Lennon and Paul McCartney The Claviclettes
Silver Linings Dino Caruso and Braden Poirier Preview Winter The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger And Keith Richards True Vulgarians

On sale now…

The complete package is currently available only on the 11th Dimension Press Bookstore here, but the print component of the project is already available on Amazon, Amazon Canada, Barnes & Noble, and your favourite book online retailer.