Hello all!  There is only 26 days left before the release of 11th Dimension Press’ long-awaited Rock Is Not Dead project.  We are excited beyond words to see this project come to fruition and now we are making the project available in the most rock and roll way we know….

No strings, no mark-up, and nothing for Amazon!  11D Press is covering costs and that’s it!  The rest is going into a pool to be divided evenly among our VERY deserving artists.  Here’s the breakdown:

Item Production Cost Artists’ Portion Total Link 
Package #1:

  • Softcover Copy of the Anthology
  • CD version of the soundtrack
$13 USD/$17 CAD $14 USD/$18 CAD $27 USD/$35 CAD +shipping

Regular $33.49 USD/$43.49 CAD +shipping

 #RockIsNotDead cover
Package #2:

  • Softcover Copy of the Anthology
  • Vinyl version of the soundtrack
$16 USD/$20 CAD $16 USD/$20 CAD $32 USD/$40 CAD +shipping

Regular $36.49 USD/$49.99 CAD +shipping

#RockIsNotDead cover

This will be the very best time to order and, as you can see, every order makes a healthy contribution to the artists’ pool!

We also offer wholesale rates!  If your a book or music retailer interested in putting Rock Is Not Dead on your shelves, email retailorders@11thdimensionpress.com.