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#RIND: Rock and Rolling Right Along: Themes, Music, Criteria, Info for Potential Contributors…

Interest in 11D Press’ Rock is Not Dead project continues to pour in.  There are a few questions that seem to pop-up in every email so the editors thought they’d post some information about the theme of the project and their general expectations…


Our editors tell us that theme is the one thing potential contributors ask about above all else.  Is there a specific theme 11th Dimension Press is looking for?  The answer is, No.  Our desire is to bring together artists using diverse media who will bring a diversity of stories to the anthology.  For this reason we are not consciously attempting to thematize the collection any more than, all the work should be inspired by some Rock song!

Along those lines, the editors advise potential contributors:


Don’t ‘illustrate’ the song…

11th Dimension Press is looking for rock inspired narratives, not necessarily rock songs turned into stories.  For example, we’re not expecting that a story inspired by THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN will be about a guy who falls in love with a prostitute while visiting a brothel.  Nor are we looking for a sequence of images that might otherwise be mistaken for the storyboard for a music video.  The point is this:  You have creative freedom to ‘write’ as close to or as abstractly distant from the song as you like.

Some of our potential contributors have also asked, “what counts as a rock song?”  Here’s the answer straight from our editors:


It’s still rock and roll to me…

If you think of it as rock music, that’s good enough for us!  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re trying to be as open-minded as possible.  We want to be surprised.  That’s half the fun!  Just in case you’re interested, potential contributors have told us they’re submissions are inspired by…

If you’re an indie band out there, pay attention, we will soon be recruiting bands to play and record covers of the songs corresponding to the submissions that are chosen for the anthology!


Well say it again anyway…

RIND will be a multi-dimensional project.  The anthology will include a series of text-based short stories, as well as a series of graphic-based short stories all inspired by rock songs.

11th Dimension Press will also recruit bands to record covers of the songs that inspired the short stories!  The final product will be distributed in multiple formats and a variety of packages:

  • The short stories will be sold together in a beautifully bound print edition,
  • They will be sold together in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • They will also be sold individually in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • The Anthology and the Soundtrack will be sold as a set that will include the print edition and the soundtrack on CD,
  • Each story and the song that inspired them will be made available for download in mini-sets, and
  • Finally, the anthology and the soundtrack will be available in an amazing limited edition box set including a special print edition of the short stories paired with vinyl edition of the soundtrack!

This is sure to be one amazing project so don’t be left out!

Let us know that you intend to make a submission no later than…

DECEMBER 1st 2014

Download and complete this form (Word, PDF) and send it to editor@11thdimensionpress.com.

The tentative deadline for final submission of manuscripts is:

March 1st 2015

April 1st 2015

Stay tuned, information concerning the soundtrack and our band selection process is forthcoming!

We can’t wait to enjoy your submission!

LEGAL STUFF: Only ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED work will be considered! Contributors will be asked to refrain from publishing pieces that appear in the anthology for a term of 1 year after which time the contributor will retain all creative rights.  All participants in the project will enjoy an equal share of the profits generated from the work through online and conventional retail channels. Other terms and conditions may apply.








BTW: bonus points for anyone who comes up with a better title with a better acronym! 🙂