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Crowd Funding ≠ Money for Nothing!

Hey all…We are more than halfway towards our first crowd funding milestone and 11th Dimension Press wants to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and remind everyone else that we are NOT looking for free money!  Think of it as an advance purchase…

To give everyone an idea of what you can purchase in advance of the ROCK IS NOT DEAD releases we’ve worked up a few mock images.  Keep in mind the real thing is likely to look different, but for the time being, here’s what you can get if you support our ongoing crowd funding campaign:


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover)

That’s not all…


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD)

Of course, there’s more…


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD) & The Rock Is Not Dead T-Shirt (the Derek Evernden design)

We can do even better than that!


The print edition of The Rock Is Not Dead Anthology (softcover) & The Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack (CD) & The Rock Is Not Dead T-Shirt (the Derek Evernden design) & The Rock Is Not Dead Embroidered Toque & The Rock Is Not Dead Mouse Pad

We hope you agree, that’s a lot of cool stuff!
So check out the campaign and we hope you get excited about the ROCK IS NOT DEAD project as we are!


In anticipation of the release of its sequeal, 11th Dimension Press is proud to announce the release of the paperback edition of Rita Smith’s debut novel, TWO TEARS…



Fiona’s head was spinning. The sudden illness, bombshell confession, and subsequent death of her beloved husband Bob left Fiona struggling to carry on. She couldn’t stand to be in the company of anyone. She couldn’t stand to be alone. Fiona longed to get away and, deep in her heart of hearts, she longed for a second chance at life. In the days following Bob’s funeral, Fiona found the opportunity she was looking for: tickets for the cruise she and Bob had booked in the weeks before he took ill. Her family disapproved, but Fiona was steadfast. She would travel alone on the cruise she planned to take with her husband. The cruise would prove to be a fateful journey. On the cruise Fiona met June, another solo traveler who, like Fiona, grew up in the U.K. and, much to Fiona’s delight, shared many of the life experiences that Fiona herself cherished. Over their evening meals, midnight coffees, and explorations into the world’s most exotic ports of call the pair became fast friends. All the while a nagging suspicion blossoms into a full-blown mystery as the uncanny parallels between June’s life and Fiona’s own life continue to emerge. The realization that at which Fiona eventually arrives is one that will resolve conflicts in her past, change forever her perspective on the love and life she shared with her husband, and bring Fiona the consolation she so desperately craves, the consolation she needs to carry her into her next chapter of life. Two Tears is a fictitious story of love and friendship wrapped up in the personal history of its author. It’s a journey through history and, at the same time, it’s a journey through a diverse landscape of emotions and foreign lands.

Another Amazing Pile of Submissions!

It’s the same old story here at 11D Press: we put out a call for submissions and we’re flooded with tantalizing short stories and amazing artwork from inspiring new authors and artists!  It’s like a miracle drug with only good feelings and now negative affects; we just want more…


If you’ve ever been driving along, music blaring, and been struck by a story idea, this is the anthology for you!If you find the creative juices seem to flow better with the volume cranked high, this is the anthology for you!11th Dimension Press is looking for short stories in narrative or comic form inspired by kick-ass rock songs.Authors and artists (or author/artist teams) are invited to submit their original manuscripts of no more than 6000 words or works of graphic fiction no longer than 10 pages (formatted for printing on 7″ x 10″ pages) for consideration to be included in the forthcoming anthology.Our preference is for self-contained narratives (no cliff hangers please) and preference will be given to Canadian artists/authors. That said, dynamic story telling, authentic voice, and, in the case of graphic fiction, killer graphics will be our final criterion.

More than words…

RIND will be a multi-dimensional project.  The anthology will include a series of text-based short stories, as well as a series of graphic-based short stories all inspired by rock songs.

11th Dimension Press will also recruit bands to record covers of the songs that inspired the short stories!  The final product will be distributed in multiple formats and a variety of packages:

  • The short stories will be sold together in a beautifully bound print edition,
  • They will be sold together in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • They will also be sold individually in both Kindle and iBook formats,
  • The Anthology and the Soundtrack will be sold as a set that will include the print edition and the soundtrack on CD,
  • Each story and the song that inspired them will be made available for download in mini-sets, and
  • Finally, the anthology and the soundtrack will be available in an amazing limited edition box set including a special print edition of the short stories paired with vinyl edition of the soundtrack!

This is sure to be one amazing project so don’t be left out!

Let us know that you intend to make a submission no later than…

DECEMBER 1st 2014

Download and complete this form (Word, PDF) and send it to editor@11thdimensionpress.com.

The tentative deadline for final submission of manuscripts is:

March 1st 2015

April 1st 2015

Stay tuned, information concerning the soundtrack and our band selection process is forthcoming!

We can’t wait to enjoy your submission!

LEGAL STUFF: Only ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED work will be considered! Contributors will be asked to refrain from publishing pieces that appear in the anthology for a term of 1 year after which time the contributor will retain all creative rights.  All participants in the project will enjoy an equal share of the profits generated from the work through online and conventional retail channels. Other terms and conditions may apply.








BTW: bonus points for anyone who comes up with a better title with a better acronym! 🙂