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COVER REVEAL: Dead and Buried: Seven Tales from Eternal Gardens by Timothy A. Newman

11th Dimension Press is excited to announce the imminent release of the debut collection of novellas by St. Catharines, Ontario author  Timothy A. Newman, Dead and Buried: Seven Tales from Eternal Gardens.


Dead and Buried takes the reader down seven different roads following seven different stories set in small-town Ontario.  All of the stories are connected by a single eery thread.

A teenaged bully dares himself to enter a haunted house, where he comes face to face with his own mortality. Among other things.

A mid nineteenth century hanging tree where people and animals continue to swing from its branches in the twentieth century.

A murder-suicide of an entire family, where all of the evidence may not be as it appears.

A sixteen year old young man who, at no fault of his own, becomes the judge, jury and executioner of many others lives.

An affluent neighbourhood where monsters lurk outside your bedroom windows at night, or speed down your quiet street. What can you do about it?

From blood on the tracks, to death in the street, a homeless man with a troubled mind wanders through this rural community, where not just children are being killed.

A traveling seed salesman, with a green thumb, wanders into Gardenview in the early part of the twentieth century, and finds himself on the veranda of an Inn. Hoping for a few nights of rest and relaxation, he finds himself spending the rest of his life here.

Dead and Buried is available now for pre-order in the 11th Dimension Press Bookstore at a special pre-order price or $19.99 CAD ($2 off the regular cover price)!  Check it out here


In anticipation of the release of its sequeal, 11th Dimension Press is proud to announce the release of the paperback edition of Rita Smith’s debut novel, TWO TEARS…



Fiona’s head was spinning. The sudden illness, bombshell confession, and subsequent death of her beloved husband Bob left Fiona struggling to carry on. She couldn’t stand to be in the company of anyone. She couldn’t stand to be alone. Fiona longed to get away and, deep in her heart of hearts, she longed for a second chance at life. In the days following Bob’s funeral, Fiona found the opportunity she was looking for: tickets for the cruise she and Bob had booked in the weeks before he took ill. Her family disapproved, but Fiona was steadfast. She would travel alone on the cruise she planned to take with her husband. The cruise would prove to be a fateful journey. On the cruise Fiona met June, another solo traveler who, like Fiona, grew up in the U.K. and, much to Fiona’s delight, shared many of the life experiences that Fiona herself cherished. Over their evening meals, midnight coffees, and explorations into the world’s most exotic ports of call the pair became fast friends. All the while a nagging suspicion blossoms into a full-blown mystery as the uncanny parallels between June’s life and Fiona’s own life continue to emerge. The realization that at which Fiona eventually arrives is one that will resolve conflicts in her past, change forever her perspective on the love and life she shared with her husband, and bring Fiona the consolation she so desperately craves, the consolation she needs to carry her into her next chapter of life. Two Tears is a fictitious story of love and friendship wrapped up in the personal history of its author. It’s a journey through history and, at the same time, it’s a journey through a diverse landscape of emotions and foreign lands.