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#RockIsNotDead: Musical Lineup & Album Cover Art

Only 13 days remain in the countdown to the Rock Is Not Dead release…

The Total Transparency Sale Continues

There’s still time to order the CD and the Vinyl package at the best prices going!

The Musical Lineup

Here it is, the long-awaited list of the extremely talented musicians contributing to the Rock Is Not Dead project and the songs they’re covering:

  • Amy Denio – Throwing Muses’ “Not Too Soon”
  • The Skeltones – The Beatles’ “Please, Please Me”
  • Lewis Trover – Tuxedomoon’s “Desire”
  • Code Monkey – Jay Hawkin’s “I Put A Spell On You”
  • Ugly Brides – Ministry’s “Just One Fix”
  • Stewart Gunn – Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”
  • David Vukovich – The Clash’s “Death Or Glory”
  • Grenouer – “Universe Of My Heaven” a brand new original track!
  • Kandy Face – Radiohead’s “Just”
  • Kathleen Yearwood – Janice Joplin’s “Cry Baby”
  • Pant City – AC/DC’s “TNT”
  • The Claviclettes – The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
  • True Vulgarians – The Rolling Stones’ “Winter”

The Album Artwork

Last but not least, for all those who are curious, here is the artwork that will appear on the cover of both the CD and Vinyl pressings of the Rock Is Not Dead Soundtrack:


HELP WANTED: Seeking Graphic Designer

The Role:

11th Dimension Press is looking for a graphic designer to work on a freelance basis to develop strong iconic imagery (symbols, logos, social media avatars, etc.) to represent rock/metal band GRENOUER.  The designer’s work will be featured on the band’s EPK, online and social media accounts, merchandise, and future releases.  The designer may also have the opportunity to work on future album covers and other projects.

Rock/Metal band GRENOUER is promoted and managed by 11th Dimension Press.  Based out of St Petersburg, Russia, GRENOEUR was born out of the 90s extreme metal scene, but since then GRENOUER’s sound has evolved considerably. Their most recent albums offer an elaborate blend of metal and alternative rock.  GRENOUER’s latest album UNWANTED TODAY (from Mausoleum Records) has received great critical acclaim and their devoted fan base continues to grow.

The applicant will require:

  • A strong visual portfolio for presentation.
  • Understanding of design fundamentals: typography, colour, composition, etc.
  • A passion for music and rock/metal music in particular.
  • Client-oriented attitude.


  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Experience working on design projects for musicians.

A shortlist of candidates will be determined based on applications and portfolios.  Shortlisted candidate will be given access to GRENOUER’s current EPK and will be asked to submit rough sketches.

Though the position is initially focused on branding for GRENOUER, the position will likely lead to other opportunities to work on other 11th Dimension Press projects and with other clients.

11th Dimension Press is devoted to working closely with artists to promote their work and enhance their careers.  We are eager to help promote every serious candidate!


Send your applications and inquiries to: editor@11thdimensionpress.com or use our contact form.  The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Press Release: GRENOUER to Release 8th Album, UNWANTED TODAY


February 2015


Russian metal/rock innovators’ second release through Mausoleum Records

Grenouer, St Petersburg, Russia, are set to release UNWANTED TODAY, their weighty follow up to their 2013 album BLOOD ON THE FACE.  Grenouer’s eighth album will be released Friday, March 20th 2015 by Mausoleum Records worldwide.


UNWANTED TODAY was engineered, mixed and mastered by DUALIZED for dysFUNCTION Productions (Mnemic, Voodoo Highway).  According to Andrey Ind, Grenouer’s lead vocalist, “UNWANTED TODAY is Grenouer’s most mature album to date.  As a band we’ve been working hard to achieve the right fusion of melodic metal and modern rock.  We’re quite pleased with the results.”

UNWANTED TODAY includes 11 new songs as well as Intro and Outro tracks that give the album the feel of a soundtrack to an epic story of loss, struggle, and resurgence.  The bands adrenaline-charging riffs are complimented by guest contributions from Eddy Cavazza (John Wetton, Anthony Phillips), playing lead guitar on “Going To Stay” and keyboards on “Clearway”, as well as Demian Von Dunkelwald, Enrico ‘Erk’ Scutti and Dmitriy Yankovskiy providing guest vocals on various tracks.

A limited number of pre-order copies can be ordered right away from 11thdimensionpress.com.  The world-wide release of UNWANTED TODAY will make the album available in hardcopy from 11thdimensionpress.com, roooar.com, amazon.com and other retailers.  UNWANTED TODAY will also be available in digital format on iTunes, Google Music, Deezer, Spotify, etc.

Check-out the UNWANTED TODAY teaser video here!


About Grenouer

Based out of St Petersburg, Russia, Grenouer was born out of the 90s extreme metal scene.  Since then Grenouer’s sound has evolved considerably.  Their elaborate blend of metal and alternative rock, combined with intense and cathartic live performances and impressive music videos, has earned them a devoted fan base and great critical acclaim.  Grenouer is Andrey Ind on vocals; Alexander Motor on guitars; Al Bolo on bass; and, Danny D on drums.

For more information, all the latest news from Grenouer, please visit http://grenouer.com/