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Introducing Wm Brian MacLean, #RIND CONTRIBUTOR, Creator of “Never Trust A Junkie”

Newly politicized in 2010 by the G20 fiasco in Toronto, Wm Brian MacLean launched OpinioNation, an unfunny and little-read editorial strip. It ran for 2+ years, mostly online. In years prior, Brian had made farcical comics about alt-dimension Sea Monkeys, smutty corrugated boxes, finding one’s keys in one’s vagina, and the like. But editorializing on everything he resented about society took a personal toll. That strip was shuttered on the eve of 2012 as he launched Distractionism, a return to lighthearted storytelling. Rock Is Not Dead is an opportunity for Brian to revisit political criticism by recontextualizing anti-drug war lyrics as anti-tarsands and anti-surveillance state imagery. His work can be read in Beyond Anthology, Chilly Tales, Steampunk Originals vol 2 and various zines, as well as at roostertree.com. Brian is @roostertree on Twitter.

T-Shirt by Derek Evernden Celebrating #RIND

Celebrating 11th Dimension Press’ forthcoming Anthology of short stories inspired by rock songs, this is Derek Evernden’s awesome t-shirt design…

V1-Original T-Shirt-1

These awesome T-Shirts can be purchased from the 11th Dimension Press Bookstore, you’ll find them here.

#RIND CONTRIBUTOR: Introduction Noel Franklin

11th Dimension Press is lucky to have so many amazing artist contributing to the forthcoming ROCK IS NOT DEAD (#RIND) project including…

Noel Franklin

In early 2013, Noel Franklin chose to apply her degree in printmaking from Western Washington University and her modest success in literary ventures towards making fine comics. Noel attributes her unique style – building dark and light shapes from densely knotted lines – to her experience with stone lithography. She is the creator of Gone Girl Comics; has had her graphic work published the United States, Canada, England, Norway and Serbia; and is a regular contributor to inktart.org.   She won the 2105 Emerald City Comicon “I Heart Comic Art” award and has received a 4Culture Art Projects grant in support of her first graphic novel.

11th Dimension Press—a relatively new independent publishing concern based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada—is getting ready to release an anthology of short stories inspired by ‘Rock’ music.  The plan for the Rock Is Not Dead (#RIND) project is to build a multi-dimensional multi-media project that engages artists of all kinds, authors, graphic artists, and musicians.  The anthology will include a series of written-word short stories; a series of graphic-based, or comic, short stories; and a soundtrack including all the songs that inspired the short stories.