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#RockIsNotDead: Watch This Spot!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone, else at long last 11th Dimension Press’ #RockIsNotDead project is in its final stages and WILL be released world wide Saturday, August 27th 2016!

The count down will begin this Saturday with the cover reveal, new merch, and pre-sale.

Watch this spot! You won’t want to miss this!

Introducing Wm Brian MacLean, #RIND CONTRIBUTOR, Creator of “Never Trust A Junkie”

Newly politicized in 2010 by the G20 fiasco in Toronto, Wm Brian MacLean launched OpinioNation, an unfunny and little-read editorial strip. It ran for 2+ years, mostly online. In years prior, Brian had made farcical comics about alt-dimension Sea Monkeys, smutty corrugated boxes, finding one’s keys in one’s vagina, and the like. But editorializing on everything he resented about society took a personal toll. That strip was shuttered on the eve of 2012 as he launched Distractionism, a return to lighthearted storytelling. Rock Is Not Dead is an opportunity for Brian to revisit political criticism by recontextualizing anti-drug war lyrics as anti-tarsands and anti-surveillance state imagery. His work can be read in Beyond Anthology, Chilly Tales, Steampunk Originals vol 2 and various zines, as well as at roostertree.com. Brian is @roostertree on Twitter.