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Add iBook to the list of formats 11D is publishing!

Exciting News!  After no little effort, a whole lot of paperwork and networking 11th Dimension Press is now publishing work in the iBook format for sale through Apple’s iTunes stores.

We are very pleased to announce our first iBook title: Two Tears by Rita Smith.  The iBook version of Rita Smith’s debut novel can be found here on the iTunes Preview site and by searching for “Rita Smith Two Tears” in the iTunes store.

Two Tears follows Fiona on her journey to cope with the loss of her beloved husband and to come to terms with the secret he shared with his dying words.



Click on the cover art image on the right for a preview of the forthcoming audio edition of…

Samantha McTaggart & the Fellowship of Travellers, Vol. I: Morgan’s DReAM

The audiobook, read by Jessica Murphy, will soon be available on Audible.com.

Coming soon to earbuds near you…


The audio edition is on its way!

That’s right, 11th Dimension Press is in the recording studio creating their very first audiobook!  D. J. Murphy’s debut novel following Samantha Elisabeth McTaggart on her first adventure into the past in search for her missing father and the malevolent Fatemakers…

Sam was just six years old when she witnessed the mysterious terrifying event that shaped her life: the kidnapping of her father, James McTaggart, at the hands of a colossal pale man Sam calls The Ghost. The only thing that remains of James McTaggart is the pocket watch he gave Sam moments before he was taken. “That watch has a secret.” He said to her. “And you have to keep it safe for me.” And then, Sam’s Dad was gone. Six years pass before part of that secret is revealed. Strange circumstances led Sam to an apparently chance meeting with Professor Clarence Sedgwick, a close friend of Sam’s father. According to Sedgwick, he and Sam’s father are members of a secret society of benevolent time travellers called “The Fellowship of Travellers.” Sedgwick has been sent by the Fellowship to protect Sam from a band of renegade time travellers known as “The Fatemakers.” It was the Fatemakers who kidnapped Sam’s father and, as punishment for his interference with their malevolent plans, abandoned him somewhere in the past. Morgan’s DReAM follows Sam as she is initiated into the Fellowship of Travellers and, with Sedgwick’s help, follows clues to her father’s when (and where) abouts.

The audio edition will be available soon through Audible.