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NEW RELEASE: Jack Brandon’s War by Brian C. Merritt

11th Dimension Press is proud to announce the release this Wednesday, November 11th of Brian C. Merritt’s debut novel, Jack Brandon’s War


Debut Novel from Canadian Author is a Tribute to Civilian Heroes of WWII

Brian C. Merritt, Grimsby, Ontario, will release his first novel, JACK BRANDON’S WAR on November 11th 2015. “It is, I think, the most appropriate day to share this story,” said Brian the retired engineer turned author adding, “it’s the day we pause to remember and give thanks. That’s what I wanted to do with my story.”

JACK BRANDON’S WAR is a fictional memoire set in rural England and on the turbulent waters of the North Atlantic Ocean during the Second World War. The novel follows the parallel stories of Jack, an eight-year-old boy growing up in the small industrial town of Birkenhead, England during the Second World War and his father Tom, a ship’s engineer in Britain’s Merchant Navy. Both face terrible loss. Both grapple with mental and physical trauma and both find themselves fighting the war on fronts that are seldom explored in literature. Tom is away at sea when war descends on his family, residents of urban England. In fact, Tom returns home oblivious to the tragedy that struck is family only days before his ship, the merchant vessel S.S. Griffon, reached port. There’s a lot of work to be done, bodies, souls, and families to be mended before Tom is, once again, called to duty aboard the Griffon. When separated again both Tom and his son Jack are confronted by the war. Their struggles threaten to keep them apart forever, their only hope for survival and reunion lies in the kindness of their neighbors and the spirit inside them.


About Brian C. Merritt

Brian was born in 1933 and grew up in Merseyside, England. He and his family endured the Liverpool bombings of the Second World War that took their home and many of their friends. Brian immigrated to Canada in 1973 with his wife and two sons. Brian’s first career as a marine service manager brought him to the Niagara Region of Ontario where he also served as unit commander with a marine rescue unit of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. Brian still lives in the Niagara Region with his wife. He is a keen sailor and enjoys painting and writing. JACK BRANDON’S WAR is Brian’s debut novel.


For more information about Brian C. Merritt, please visit his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AuthorBrianMerritt